Shabbat Against Genocide

Every few weeks SAJFP in Cape Town and in Johannesburg hosts a ‘Shabbat against Genocide’ – please send us an email if you would like to join.

With hearts full of rage, love, solidarity, grief, and care in the face of the genocide in Gaza and across Palestine by the Israeli government, South African Jews for a Free Palestine is hosting Shabbat and potluck against Genocide in Palestine. Even one life lost or spent suffering, Palestinian, Israeli, or international visitor to the Holy Land, is too many. Join us for mourning, singing, prayer, candle lighting, and words of solidarity.

We will not allow our Judaism and the memory of our ancestors to be weaponised for further and interlinked genocidal projects. Palestinian freedom requires an end to Zionism. In turn, genuine safety for Jews is contingent on Palestinian freedom and equal rights.

We aim for our Shabbos service to be a moment to form community and bonds, in this time of deep fragmentation and division. Our Shabbos is to be a space of holding for Jews and our comrades of different faiths alike.

We hope to see and share with you there. Please see our events calendar to find out about upcoming Shabbat services in your city.